The boy who cried tornado.

I accidentally invented an Indian/Mexican fusion dish Friday night. I blame it on a mild case of weather-related panic. As you'll recall, when last we talked–well, I talked; you just read–it was Friday afternoon and we were under a Tornado Watch. I wasn't really worried, despite the ominous sky and intense-looking line of storms the … Continue reading The boy who cried tornado.

Feng shui is exhausting.

Friday afternoon. I'm kicking back in my recliner, feet up, sipping a hard seltzer. I was going to take advantage of the first warm day of the year–it's 67º, guys!–by hanging out on the deck. I spent 15 minutes searching for folding camp chairs and a little side table, lugged them upstairs to the deck, … Continue reading Feng shui is exhausting.

Played a fun game of twister last Wednesday.

Last week was odd, to say the least. Thanks to my self-imposed COVID isolation, I barely left the house. And when I did step outside, I nearly got swept away by a tornado. We're not in Kansas anymore (nor were we ever), but we are most definitely in Wisconsin. Wednesday morning, I was working away … Continue reading Played a fun game of twister last Wednesday.

If You Don’t Hear From Me, Check in with the Tin Man or Scarecrow

Have I mentioned the weather around here is nuts? OK, fine. But this is the first time I've mentioned it this week. One day it's summer, the next day it's winter. Case in point: Thursday, it was 85º and we had the A/C on. Friday afternoon the thermometer was stuck on 43º and we had … Continue reading If You Don’t Hear From Me, Check in with the Tin Man or Scarecrow

Lava Junkie

How 'bout that Hawaiian volcano?! I think it's safe to say I'm obsessed with the Kilauea eruption. I have spent more time than I care to admit devouring news stories and scrolling through Instagram photos and video of the lava. Hashtag Leilani Estates is an easy way to kill an hour. Anybody who knows me … Continue reading Lava Junkie