Verdict’s Still Out on the Dog Walker

After my last post, several people wondered if I’d encountered the dog walker the next day. If we really are living in a simulation and he’s a glitch—background filler, if you will— then mentioning him on a public blog might result in his sudden disappearance. Maybe? I’m not entirely sure how this simulated reality stuff … Continue reading Verdict’s Still Out on the Dog Walker

Am I a Glitch in The Matrix? Are You?

Though I recently admitted that I believe in UFOs and have had plenty of paranormal experiences to convince me that ghosts are real, I generally shy away from the lunatic fringe. No, seriously. So when I listened to a recent episode of the Strange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan podcast that discussed simulation theory, I … Continue reading Am I a Glitch in The Matrix? Are You?

Don’t Blame Me, I’m Polish!

A few days ago, I discovered a surprising - and heretofore unknown - truth about my heritage. It turns out I'm part Polish. How, exactly, did I arrive at this conclusion? It was right around the time my mom said, "Guess what? You're part Polish!" To say this pronouncement caught me off guard is an … Continue reading Don’t Blame Me, I’m Polish!