Call Me Lazarus

My ongoing battle with telemarketers continues. I don't know why they love to bother me so much. It's as though I won some sort of lottery where the grand prize is daily harassment instead of a few million dollars. I have tried every trick in the book to shake them, but nothing has ever worked. A … Continue reading Call Me Lazarus

I’m Dying to Be Left Alone. Literally.

I may have finally learned how to beat telemarketers at their own game. Just tell 'em you're dead. One day last week, I got a call from a Nigerian prince telling me I'd just won the lottery, and would I like to buy some Viagra with my earnings while switching cell phone carriers? Or something along those … Continue reading I’m Dying to Be Left Alone. Literally.

Cuddling with Telemarketers

I think I’m the only person in the world who looks forward to calls from telemarketers. Rather than find them obtrusive, I see them as opportunities for entertainment. Because I love screwing with these people. Somehow, I wound up on an online pharmacy’s call list. They have been phoning me repeatedly for a couple of … Continue reading Cuddling with Telemarketers