Belle of the Ball

Kids grow up so damn fast. Audrey had her first homecoming dance Saturday night. It was the first time I ever saw her in a dress, and she looked great. Why, it seems like just yesterday that she looked like┬áthis. The years do fly by. My friends ask me if having a daughter who isContinue reading “Belle of the Ball”

“We’re Running Errands”

When you have kids, sometimes you just don’t want them tagging along with you. After I was divorced, I learned very quickly that grocery shopping with a couple of young charges required more patience than I possessed. They viewed the grocery store as one giant playground, and thought nothing of playing a spirited game ofContinue reading ““We’re Running Errands””

Jumping To Conclusions

My boss was on a roll this morning. Sometimes, he likes to play music in his office. Loudly. This is our fault, since we banded together last Christmas to buy him some kick-ass speakers for his computer. Obviously, he likes them. Call it the gift that keeps on giving. Not that I mind. I loveContinue reading “Jumping To Conclusions”