Sugar Cookies or Powdered Doughnuts

Since a lot of you have been wondering (okay, maybe only three people asked), the lady-who-might-be-a-hoarder's check cleared the next morning. Whew! Not that getting stiffed out of $30 would have sent me to the poorhouse, but it was the principle of the matter. I half expected her to email me back saying the TV … Continue reading Sugar Cookies or Powdered Doughnuts

Dying to Tell You About This Dream I Had…

A friend whom I Slack with regularly was rather disturbed on Friday after dreaming that a coworker died. I know the feeling! I had a similar dream once. It's weird enough having dreams about people you work with even when they're alive and well. I see these people eight hours a day (well, I used … Continue reading Dying to Tell You About This Dream I Had…

Thanks for Nothing!

Holy crap. I haven’t written a blog post since LAST YEAR! I apologize for being so remiss in my duties. I'm happy to report I survived my first week back in the trenches of Corporate America unscathed. Unlike back in August, I didn't go bolting for the door in a mad panic this time, wondering … Continue reading Thanks for Nothing!

It’s a Wild, Wildlife

Lots of irons in the proverbial fire out here, folks. I don't want to go into specifics so as not to jinx anything, but all the pieces seem to be falling into place. Or at least stacking up like they're going to. For both of us. Vague enough for you? Not to worry: all will … Continue reading It’s a Wild, Wildlife