Could’a Made a Lotta Clams By Now

It’s nice that the sun is coming up a little earlier now and setting later. It makes for some scenic evening commutes. Not so nice? Driving over a curb when turning into the parking lot of your favorite coffee shop because you’re temporarily blinded by the rising sun. I wanted a jolt, but the kind … Continue reading Could’a Made a Lotta Clams By Now

Bucket List Sunrise

I'm not one for making bucket lists. The only time in my life I ever did, I came back from the hardware store with a five-gallon plastic pail because I needed something to transport water. Sometimes, I'm too literal for my own good. Saturday morning, though, I did a thing that would certainly count toward … Continue reading Bucket List Sunrise

Orange, Red, Purple & Blue

This morning was weird, because it was 63º at 5:30 a.m. Our normal high for November 18 is only 48º, so you'll forgive my disbelief. It can't possibly be that warm, I thought, so I bundled myself up in a thick hoodie and stepped onto the porch. Immediately came back inside and swapped that hoodie … Continue reading Orange, Red, Purple & Blue

One Thing Worse Than Lying

I walked into the bathroom at work this morning and it smelled like delicious breakfast food. I should add that our office shares a wall with a coffee shop/bakery that specializes in waffles and other tasty treats, so that isn't nearly as weird as it sounds. Also, being attached to a coffee shop is a … Continue reading One Thing Worse Than Lying

All Her Suicides Are Fake

One of the best things about this time of year is the early sunrises. I might think otherwise if I ever slept in, but I'm up super early most mornings so it's a non-issue. Sometimes I'm out walking, like today. The sun was just cresting the eastern horizon on my final circuit through the park, … Continue reading All Her Suicides Are Fake

Ode to the Red Envelope

Yesterday I stopped by the clinic before work for a blood draw in anticipation of my annual checkup next week. Because they did not open until 8:00 and I had to fast, I took my time getting ready in the morning. Took a brisk walk and was treated to a spectacular sunrise. People are always … Continue reading Ode to the Red Envelope

NNWM/11: 2:30 is the Weirdest

We woke up this morning in the guest room of my mother-in-law's apartment in Bothell. Peering through the blinds, we were greeted with an amazing sunrise just beginning to crest the horizon. I threw on some clothes, grabbed my camera - which I'd even debated bringing in the first place - and snapped a few … Continue reading NNWM/11: 2:30 is the Weirdest

A Sunrise Got In The Way

Sometimes in life, everything just falls into place perfectly. This morning when I left the house to take the kids to school, dawn was barely breaking over the horizon. Sunrise was still more than thirty minutes away, but you could tell it was going to be a good one thanks to a faint glow on … Continue reading A Sunrise Got In The Way