NNWM/11: 2:30 is the Weirdest

We woke up this morning in the guest room of my mother-in-law’s apartment in Bothell. Peering through the blinds, we were greeted with an amazing sunrise just beginning to crest the horizon. I threw on some clothes, grabbed my camera – which I’d even debated bringing in the first place – and snapped a fewContinue reading “NNWM/11: 2:30 is the Weirdest”

A Sunrise Got In The Way

Sometimes in life, everything just falls into place perfectly. This morning when I left the house to take the kids to school, dawn was barely breaking over the horizon. Sunrise was still more than thirty minutes away, but you could tell it was going to be a good one thanks to a faint glow onContinue reading “A Sunrise Got In The Way”