You know it’s summer when Spidey starts chafing.

How do you define the official start of summer? If you're the literal type, you might look to the calendar and say, June 21st. Others count the first picnic, first barbecue, first camping trip, first time it hits 80º, first time you're attacked by mosquitoes. For us, summer arrives the moment we hit the water … Continue reading You know it’s summer when Spidey starts chafing.

Come Mr. Tally Man

Remember the certified letter I stayed home waiting for? Well, it never did show up on Thursday. Didn't come on Friday or Saturday, either. Monday? Holiday. Tuesday? Nope. Today? Ha. Never mind that I signed up for a redelivery and received acknowledgement that it would arrive September 3rd. So, I finally dragged myself to the … Continue reading Come Mr. Tally Man

The Surgeon

The air hangs heavy, stifling and still, lacking even the faintest hint of a breeze to stir up the atmosphere and provide some measure of relief. It's draped atop us like a weighted blanket, smothering and oppressive. Isn't that the theme for 2020? I used to dislike summer because of the heat and lack of … Continue reading The Surgeon

Bachelor Chronicles: Day 2

My aunt left an interesting comment on Facebook in response to my boat post. Years ago (and I mean really years ago and not just before the pandemic), when I visited you from California, we had lunch at a restaurant on the Columbia. You looked at the boats and announced that one day you were … Continue reading Bachelor Chronicles: Day 2


This is a rare Friday where I haven’t carpooled to work with Tara. My criteria for driving in solo has evolved quite a bit this winter. Initially, if there were even a few icy spots on the road, I’d grab a ride with her in the truck. But after six weeks where the temperature has … Continue reading Mayomust-Have

Up Close and Personal With a Volcano

August came in with a rumble this morning. Tara woke me from a sound sleep to inform me it was "thundering out." Before I could even question whether thundering was a legitimate word, it started thundering out. Woohoo! That woke me up. It was right overhead, too. That's the best kind of thunderstorm. So. August. Months ago, in looking … Continue reading Up Close and Personal With a Volcano

The Least Efficient Method of Not Dying

Driving into work yesterday morning, the sun – although still low on the eastern horizon – seared my face, the threat of a hundred-degree day taking shape already in the still dawn air, testament that unlike the past couple of summers, this one is shaping up to be a doozy in the Pacific Northwest. I … Continue reading The Least Efficient Method of Not Dying