Wash, Rinse, Reheat

When our microwave crapped out on us two months ago, we sort of shrugged our shoulders. "No big deal," we said. "How much do we really use a microwave anyway?" Well. The answer, it turns out, is a lot. Reheating leftovers, of course. Which we managed to do on the stove or in the oven, … Continue reading Wash, Rinse, Reheat

The Day Chinook Winds Blew Spearfish, South Dakota Into the Record Books

78 years ago today, Spearfish, South Dakota set a world record for temperature swings—one that stands to this day. Black Hills residents are no strangers to extreme weather, but the events of January 22, 1943 took even the most seasoned veterans by surprise. The Black Hills are often referred to as the “Banana Belt of … Continue reading The Day Chinook Winds Blew Spearfish, South Dakota Into the Record Books

99 Bottles of Beer on the Floor

It was yet another busy weekend. I swear, I say that all the time, but I feel like I never get any downtime. I mentioned this to my mom last weekend and she said when married couples both work full-time, it's inevitable that weekends are filled with chores. She's right, of course. At least if … Continue reading 99 Bottles of Beer on the Floor

Do Rattlesnakes Hibernate?

Have I mentioned it's been cold here? Well, except for that one day when it was hot. What an outlier Tuesday was! Our high temperatures for the last week have looked like this: By the way, I totally made this chart. Which I suppose makes me both a weather geek and a computer geek, but I … Continue reading Do Rattlesnakes Hibernate?

Rally the Troops

When the Sturgis Rally came to town, we did our best to avoid it. Spent all last weekend cooped up indoors, watching movies and laying low. The constant rumble of motorcycle engines was trying, and the attendant traffic issues - all those bikers clogging the roads in and around the Black Hills - felt like … Continue reading Rally the Troops