Guac-blocked by the Supreme Dictator.

Thank god it’s May 5. Not because I love Cinco de Mayo or anything (though I appreciate a taco or margarita as much as the next fella). I’m just glad I don’t have to deal with all that “May the Fourth be With You” Star Wars-themed nonsense anymore. Apparently, May 4 has been associated with … Continue reading Guac-blocked by the Supreme Dictator.

(500) Days of Winter

Just as I was walking out the front door this morning after kissing Tara goodbye, she glanced down at my feet and remarked, “Interesting shoes.” Well, shit. She might as well have said, “Are you really going out in public wearing those?!” because it certainly didn’t sound like a compliment, but rather a polite way … Continue reading (500) Days of Winter

A Whole Bunch of Gottas

Every year, around May or June, I begin to yearn for Christmas. The holidays always feel magical to me, and doubly so when they are so far away and the summer doldrums are about to kick in. There's a certain anticipation that just builds and builds as the year wears on. I long for the … Continue reading A Whole Bunch of Gottas

See You in 364 Days, Chewbacca

I am so glad it's May 5th. Not because I have a special affinity for Cinco de Mayo (though, hello nacho bar at work!). It's just that, if I see one more lame May the 4th be with you post on social media, I am going to scream. It's not that I'm anti-Star Wars. I like Yoda as much … Continue reading See You in 364 Days, Chewbacca