Wishing for a well & how to speak wuh-Scahnsin.

Growing up a city boy, buying a rural(ish) property in a small town has been a learning experience. Take the well, for instance. When I learned our house had a well, I was super excited. I envisioned tossing coins down there and making wishes, hauling buckets of water up by hand, the whole works. At … Continue reading Wishing for a well & how to speak wuh-Scahnsin.

A Kerfuffle of Epic Proportions

Tara and Audrey were having a conversation the other evening, and you would have thought my wife was speaking a foreign language, so alien was her speech to my daughter. She was recounting her day, and talking about how she got into a kerfuffle with one of her coworkers. When Audrey heard that, her brow … Continue reading A Kerfuffle of Epic Proportions