It Started With a Watermelon

Tara and I go grocery shopping pretty much every weekend. Usually,¬†it’s an uneventful¬†excursion. We pick up pasta and pork and peanuts, buy bananas and butter and bread, add apples and asparagus and artichokes, mix in milk and mayo and mustard, choose cherries and chicken and cheese. And then our cart is full, so we checkContinue reading “It Started With a Watermelon”

“We’re Running Errands”

When you have kids, sometimes you just don’t want them tagging along with you. After I was divorced, I learned very quickly that grocery shopping with a couple of young charges required more patience than I possessed. They viewed the grocery store as one giant playground, and thought nothing of playing a spirited game ofContinue reading ““We’re Running Errands””

A Man’s Guide to Surviving the Bra Department

36 hours into Tara’s visit, and we’re having a wonderful time! We went out for doughnuts yesterday with the kids (but no, it wasn’t Voodoo – we’ll save the maple bacon bar goodness for another time), drove to Woodland to visit the Cedar Creek Grist Mill, had lunch, ran some errands, and enjoyed a homeContinue reading “A Man’s Guide to Surviving the Bra Department”