My Future as a Bitcoin Miner is in Jeopardy

I learn a lot when researching stories for CenturyCo…and often that knowledge seeps into my personal life. Case in point: after writing a holiday article titled Tis the Season to Use Wi-Fi, I realized how efficient and convenient smart technology could be around the house. And we upgraded to smart plugs, bulbs, and timers to … Continue reading My Future as a Bitcoin Miner is in Jeopardy

Craigslist is Rarely Worth the Hassle

In 2006, the moment I separated from my ex-wife and moved into my swanky bachelor pad, I bought a brand new TV. Seriously, like, that day. She got the TV in the divorce, which was fine with me. I've always had an affinity for the latest and greatest; if it's shiny and new, sign me … Continue reading Craigslist is Rarely Worth the Hassle

I’m Putting My Faith in Technology

Remember how I hinted that I wanted a snowblower for Christmas last month? My parents did, because they generously got us one. We picked it up on an appropriately snowy Saturday a few weeks ago. Naturally, it hasn't snowed since. What it has done, in fact, has been warm. It was 56º on Tuesday. Fifty-six! In … Continue reading I’m Putting My Faith in Technology

Ode to the Red Envelope

Yesterday I stopped by the clinic before work for a blood draw in anticipation of my annual checkup next week. Because they did not open until 8:00 and I had to fast, I took my time getting ready in the morning. Took a brisk walk and was treated to a spectacular sunrise. People are always … Continue reading Ode to the Red Envelope

I’m Not a Robot

I think it’s weird whenever I come across one of those CAPTCHAs designed to thwart spam and I am asked to check a box stating that I’m not a robot. Because inevitably I click the box and a few seconds later, my comment has posted. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the process is so … Continue reading I’m Not a Robot

Phoning It In

I was watching the news earlier and they were showing a woman who was 104 years old pushing a cart through the grocery store, and marveling over the fact that at such an advanced age she was still independent enough to handle the weekly shopping duties on her own. I had two thoughts about this: I hope I'm … Continue reading Phoning It In

Ohanapecosh, By Gosh!

I have, in the past, lamented over the fact that technology is taking over the world. I've mentioned how I wish we could go back in time to those carefree days where a "smartphone" was considered one that had buttons to push rather than a rotary dial, and a "web domain" was simply the home … Continue reading Ohanapecosh, By Gosh!

Baby, Can You Drive My Car?

When I drove my new car off the lot last week, I quickly learned that I don't know how to drive. Oh, I have a license. And I've been doing it for 30 years now. Yet, I felt like a newbie those first few days. Because cars have changed a lot since the last time I purchased … Continue reading Baby, Can You Drive My Car?

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

We watched Reality Bites over the weekend, and it made me realize how much I miss the 90s. If you've never seen this movie, first off: why not!? Reality Bites, much like Singles, is the quintessential 90s movie. It is an excellent snapshot into what life was like moments before the Internet changed everything, and perfectly defines a generation. My … Continue reading I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

W3ak Pa$sw@rd, My As$!

Not long ago, I read a post from one of my blogging buddies (hi, Ron!) about the frustration of keeping track of passwords in this computerized day and age. His post was hilarious, and easy to relate to. Ron wrote about keeping track of all his passwords in a spiral notebook that is so messy … Continue reading W3ak Pa$sw@rd, My As$!