Popelessly Devoted To You

It’s weird, this being-without-a-Pope thing. I mean, it’s happened before, of course. Popes die while Pontiff-icating (or whatever else you call the act of being the Pope – “Poping,” maybe?) all the time. It’s (usually) the only way “the office” becomes vacant. Some people are claiming that Pope Benedict XVI is the Vatican’s version ofContinue reading “Popelessly Devoted To You”

Why Are There No Dinosaur Ghosts?

Maybe it’s the Rapture that wasn’t, or the lobsters we murdered last week in celebration of my mom’s birthday. Either way, I’ve been pondering a lot of life’s bigger questions lately. I’m no theologian, and my spiritual journey thus far has been bedeviled (pardon the pun) by detours and u-turns galore. Trying to figure outContinue reading “Why Are There No Dinosaur Ghosts?”