(How to) Manifest Destiny

Good hell. You guys and this move are like some cosmic anomaly. Ashley Johnson My friend Ashley isn't wrong. Call it fate, or karma, or extremely good luck, but for whatever reason, everything has been going pretty smoothly with this move so far. I'd knock on wood, but it's all been boxed up. Case in … Continue reading (How to) Manifest Destiny


I was watching an episode of House Hunters last night, and one of the homes featured a bathroom with a urinal. Predictably, the husband was thrilled and the wife, mortified. This made me wonder why urinals in home bathrooms aren't common, because that's a trend I could get behind. Or in front of, as the … Continue reading Ruth-Less

Lenny Kravitz: Good Luck Charm

If it seems like I'm posting more often than usual these days, that's because I'm posting more often than usual these days. What can I say? There is a lot going on in my life and I want to record it all for posterity. Plus, I've had lots of requests for house pics, so there … Continue reading Lenny Kravitz: Good Luck Charm

Wanderlust In Our Blood

I want to start off by saying that I love the Pacific Northwest. This should be obvious to anybody who has ever read my blog. It's been my home for almost 23 years now, and I always figured I'd spend the rest of my life here. I probably will. But maybe I won't. When I … Continue reading Wanderlust In Our Blood

X Marks The Spot

When I got to work this morning, I reached into my bag to grab something and emerged with a plastic sandwich bag full of brown, liquefied used-to-be-celery sticks. I was so repulsed I actually dropped it on the floor while trying not to gag, resulting in a spirited game of "hey, what's that brown, mushy … Continue reading X Marks The Spot

Home is Where the House Is

For the past seven years, I've called a townhouse in the Orchards neighborhood of Vancouver, WA home. The first time my realtor drove me through the complex in the summer of 2006, I was not crazy about the place. It had a very "apartmenty" feel to it, with lots of buildings, all two or three … Continue reading Home is Where the House Is