Flattery, not King Charles III, got me on their podcast.

Yesterday, Tara suggested we go kayaking after work. It was one of those perfect spring days: not too hot, not too cold, and not too humid. There were mosquitoes, but there are always mosquitoes this time of year. So, we loaded up the kayaks Thursday evening and headed to Lake Koshkonong. It's been almost a … Continue reading Flattery, not King Charles III, got me on their podcast.

The Final Frontier

I’ve been listening to a podcast called “13 Minutes to the Moon” these past couple of weeks. It’s a departure from the usual true crime, news, and entertainment stuff I typically gravitate toward, but with all the crap going on nowadays, that's a welcome relief. I heard that podcast listenership is way down because nobody … Continue reading The Final Frontier

For My Listening Pleasure

My newest obsession is podcasts. Which is kind of funny, because Tara listens to a podcast version of The Opie & Anthony Show, and has been singing its praises for the past year. She played it for me on the drive up to Seattle one time last year, and I was not at all impressed. … Continue reading For My Listening Pleasure