Seven Prompts and a Whopper of a Sunset

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a winter hike. It might look cold, but the temperature was actually about 50º. Little Elk Creek has become one of our favorite go-to hikes because the trail is mostly level with a gradual incline and the canyon is sheltered from the wind. It was a little slippery due … Continue reading Seven Prompts and a Whopper of a Sunset

Mammoth Bones & Leaves of Gold

I’m so glad it’s October. I love the double-digit months. Cool weather > warm weather in my book. Not that it’s gotten very cold around here yet, but it’s only a matter of time. It may not feel like autumn yet, but it certainly looks like it! I took Monday off to spend some time … Continue reading Mammoth Bones & Leaves of Gold

I’d Rather Avoid a 50,000º Sunburn

I've come to the conclusion that I need to better respect lightning. NING, not ING. I already have a healthy respect for lighting (as evidenced by our extensive collection of lava lamps and other sources of illumination, such as candles and flashlights and neon beer signs). It chases away the shadows and helps prevent me … Continue reading I’d Rather Avoid a 50,000º Sunburn

Oh, Shoot!

Last week, South Dakota Magazine reached out to me, asking if I'd be interested in having a photo featured in their Photo Friday series. Umm, does a three-legged dog swim in circles?! I was both humbled and honored. I do like this shot. Specifically, the contrasting colors that play against one another. A lot of … Continue reading Oh, Shoot!

A Feast for the Eyes

Last night, after a day staring death in the face from atop a giant ladder (by the way, Tara often accuses me of being overdramatic, but I have no idea why!), I was craving comfort food. Something hearty and satisfying. Life-affirming, if you will. So I whipped up a batch of Southwestern Corn Chowder. It … Continue reading A Feast for the Eyes

Capturing Lightning

Tropical Storm Cristobal will make landfall today, and I don't know how to feel about that. I'm not referring to the high storm surge and possible destruction it will cause throughout the Gulf states. Of course those are bad; thanks again for yet another bitch slap, 2020. I'm on the fence about that name more … Continue reading Capturing Lightning

I’m a Little Teapot $hort and $tout

When we were unpacking boxes that had been in storage for years this past summer, we came across a few items we'd forgotten all about. It was kind of like Christmas in July! One of these was an unassuming silver teapot that had once belonged to my grandmother. We already had a teapot—something cheap we'd … Continue reading I’m a Little Teapot $hort and $tout

A Feast for the Eyes

Lately, whenever we go out to eat, Tara cringes. Because it usually ends up being a party of three: me, her, and my camera. Like many people, I'm sort-of obsessed with photographing my food. This would probably be okay with my wife if I did so subtly - a quick snapshot with my phone, say … Continue reading A Feast for the Eyes


I feel like I'm on a winning streak lately. I should probably head to Nevada or something, huh? Wait. I'm in Nevada! Hmm... I suppose it feels like I've been winning because, well, I've been winning. First there was my company's fantasy football league. Immediately following the draft in September, you are graded on your … Continue reading Winning

Right Brains Make Pretty Pictures

Tara bought a new camera a few weeks ago. A real one - that is to say, it's not just built into her phone. Quite frankly, it's turned her into a new person. She is suddenly taking fabulous photographs with vibrant colors and stunning detail. For instance... Shut up, right? Here's another one. Suddenly, I'm feeling … Continue reading Right Brains Make Pretty Pictures