Am I a Glitch in The Matrix? Are You?

Though I recently admitted that I believe in UFOs and have had plenty of paranormal experiences to convince me that ghosts are real, I generally shy away from the lunatic fringe. No, seriously. So when I listened to a recent episode of the Strange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan podcast that discussed simulation theory, I … Continue reading Am I a Glitch in The Matrix? Are You?

In This Corner: Team BerenstEin

Have you heard about this whole Berenstein/Berenstain Bears controversy? Earlier this week, a coworker asked if I was familiar with the popular series of children's books that features a family of bears. Yes, I told her. Of course. I grew up with the books, and read them to my kids when they were young, as well. … Continue reading In This Corner: Team BerenstEin

Do You Believe in Fate?

Do you believe in Fate? Many people scoff at the idea of a predetermined course of events setting the stage for their lives. They prefer to believe in the concept of free will (which, admittedly, is easier to stomach - who wouldn't rather maintain control of their own destiny? The idea of "The Universe" (or … Continue reading Do You Believe in Fate?

Why Are There No Dinosaur Ghosts?

Maybe it's the Rapture that wasn't, or the lobsters we murdered last week in celebration of my mom's birthday. Either way, I've been pondering a lot of life's bigger questions lately. I'm no theologian, and my spiritual journey thus far has been bedeviled (pardon the pun) by detours and u-turns galore. Trying to figure out … Continue reading Why Are There No Dinosaur Ghosts?