You Are What You Eat

Tonight, I'm planning on watching my favorite horror movie of all time. Wouldn't that make more sense around Halloween? you may be wondering. Hey, I love The Shining as much as the next person. The Exorcist is creepy. That damn doll in Annabelle is enough to give anybody nightmares. All are fine horror movies best viewed in October. But the movie that inspires … Continue reading You Are What You Eat

We’re Such Groupies

Last weekend, when I wasn't busy proposing to my girlfriend or chatting with rock stars,* I was buying peanuts from WinCo. A handful of peanuts makes a perfect mid-morning snack, and eating an ounce a day, in fact, can cut your risk of heart disease in half, and decrease your diabetes risk by 25%. At … Continue reading We’re Such Groupies

Cartoons Changed My Life

Have you seen the latest Facebook craze going around? Everybody is supposed to change their profile picture to that of their favorite childhood cartoon character in order to raise awareness of child abuse. It's a fun and noble concept, but I didn't do it, mainly because by the time I realized why there were so … Continue reading Cartoons Changed My Life