“Flying” the Friendly Skies

I recently came across an advertisement¬†for a company that sells an authentic “Pan Am experience” to anybody interested in flying the friendlier, 1960s-era skies. For a mere $297, you can board a perfectly recreated Pan Am 747 jumbo jet complete with spiral staircase, upper deck dining room, and stewardesses dressed in authentic¬†uniforms. Think short skirts,Continue reading ““Flying” the Friendly Skies”

A Retro Dude in a Digital Age

Got A Whole Lava Love Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong decade. This realization dawned on me yesterday. Probably when I was listening to my Woodstock record while my living room was lit up with the glow from my lava lamps. I’ve always been drawn to the styles and trends ofContinue reading “A Retro Dude in a Digital Age”