I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy.

I “attended” a virtual online brand storytelling conference today. My boss signed me up under her email and username. When I logged in and realized I was her—and that none of the participants were on camera—I could not let the opportunity to have a little fun pass. It all started when introductions were made. People … Continue reading I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy.

Dance with the Devil & You’re Gonna Get Burned

Here’s a friendly little PSA: if you’re ever offered a pretzel with the name Lucifer’s Straight Jacket, avoid it at all costs. Unless you’d rather spend the next 20 minutes with your mouth on fire and tears streaming down your face. If that’s the case, knock yourself out, bro. This is a classic case of … Continue reading Dance with the Devil & You’re Gonna Get Burned

Winner, Winner, Mexican Dinner

Greetings from the pheasant hunting capital of South Dakota! I'm writing this post from a hotel room in Winner, South Dakota. It's a tiny town in Tripp County, about three hours east of Rapid City, with fewer than 3,000 residents. Winner's claim to fame is pheasant hunting. Fun fact: Winner was established in 1909 and … Continue reading Winner, Winner, Mexican Dinner

Sole Survivor

During our recent trek across Nevada, we were fortunate to stumble upon an elusive Nevada Shoe tree (genus: Pinus Adidas). This rare species is characterized by clusters of hanging fruit measuring roughly one foot long. Their rubbery texture makes them inedible (some say the flavor is reminiscent of sole), but the fibrous laces are often … Continue reading Sole Survivor

Dakota Thunder vs. Salem Sue

North Dakota is weird. Don't get me wrong. I like weird! I'm the guy who drove miles out of his way to check out Carhenge, after all. I'm simply making an observation. If you're wondering what makes North Dakota weird, let's start with the state's odd obsession with giant animals. During our weekend visit, we … Continue reading Dakota Thunder vs. Salem Sue

MegaKota? Mega NO, duh.

Have you heard about the online petition to merge North Dakota and South Dakota into a single state and call it MegaKota? Some guy in Fargo must have been really bored, because he started thinking about how badly he wants Puerto Rico to become a U.S. state, but hates the idea of changing the flag, … Continue reading MegaKota? Mega NO, duh.

Connecting the Dot’s

The moment we arrived in South Dakota last summer, we were inundated with pretzels.  They popped up everywhere we went, ubiquitous bags with a bold red logo. We had never heard of Dot's Homestyle Pretzels before, but it quickly became apparent they were a "Pride of Dakota." I am not exaggerating: they were everywhere. Gas … Continue reading Connecting the Dot’s

Who’s Leonard Nimoy?

Last week, my boss delivered exciting news. He asked me to write scripts for a series of TV commercials and radio ads that will be airing during some well-known shows, like Good Morning, America and The Today Show. Not exactly prime time, but not too shabby, either. Viewers could potentially be watching Al Roker one moment, and my … Continue reading Who’s Leonard Nimoy?