All Drizzle, No Sizzle

Normally when the clock strikes midnight and we usher in a new year, things don’t feel all that different. Most years, there is little change. Tomorrow will look like yesterday. Next Christmas will look like this past Christmas. And so forth, and so on. 2018 is going to be the exception. Because the moment the … Continue reading All Drizzle, No Sizzle


I feel like I'm on a winning streak lately. I should probably head to Nevada or something, huh? Wait. I'm in Nevada! Hmm... I suppose it feels like I've been winning because, well, I've been winning. First there was my company's fantasy football league. Immediately following the draft in September, you are graded on your … Continue reading Winning

Unleashed But Still Caged Up

At 10 AM, my nurse unleashed me. Rawr? (Actually, the "rawr" was reserved for last night when Tara came over and "snuggled up" with me in the hospital bed. Shh...). But this morning they removed the last pesky IV from my arm. At one point I had four lines going into two arms. If you've … Continue reading Unleashed But Still Caged Up

What is it With Me, Holidays, and Hospitals?!

My friends and long-time readers probably recall how I ended up in the hospital the day after Thanksgiving, 2011. Tara was visiting from Nevada, so it put a damper on her trip...but also brought us closer together. The gall bladder surgery and six-night stay were hell, but our relationship blossomed. Guess where I'm writing from, … Continue reading What is it With Me, Holidays, and Hospitals?!

Magic Beans Part Deux

Last year, I learned that eating a bowl of black eyed peas on New Year's Day is supposed to bring good luck. I was dubious over this claim, but within days had a $47,000 hospital bill wiped out. My balance due? Zero. That was the start of a good luck train that chugged along the … Continue reading Magic Beans Part Deux

Out Of This World

My coffee tastes weird this morning. Not because there's anything wrong with the brew or the filter or the water. It's just that, it didn't come from Tara's coffeemaker. Little things like that are hard to get used to when you've just returned from an amazing trip with the person you love. Don't even get … Continue reading Out Of This World

Everybody Needs McLovin

Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, I found myself alone on New Year's Eve. And while being alone doesn't bother me - I actually ended a relationship last year because I didn't get any sort of alone time whatsoever and that drove me to the brink of insanity (and, okay, also because I was in … Continue reading Everybody Needs McLovin

Mother Nature Is One Big Tease!

I love snow. Always have, always will. I figure this is because I spent so many years living in Hawaii, where a "cold snap" is defined as a temperature in the lower 70s. Snow still feels like a novelty to me - a magical gift from the heavens, one that buries the world in a … Continue reading Mother Nature Is One Big Tease!