Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good

For the past month, I’ve been binge-watching a little show called “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (though my definition of “binge-watching” probably differs from yours; it’s more like a handful of episodes a week instead of multiple episodes per day. More of a Binge Lite, if you will.) Perhaps you’ve heard of it? It stars Larry David, theContinue reading “Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good”

You, Me and Fido Makes Three

Yesterday, we ventured into Portland despite the threat of a big windstorm. We were craving a quintessential Portland Saturday, which meant we had to start out the day waiting in line more than an hour for brunch. On purpose. Because that’s what goes down in the Rose City on weekends. Portlandia devoted an entire episode toContinue reading “You, Me and Fido Makes Three”

A Glitch in the System

I opened an email from Spotify this morning that looked harmless enough. Mark, 9 music suggestions for you, the subject line read. Awesome. I love music. I’m always down for suggestions. You listened to Waylon Jennings and Kenny Rogers, it screamed at me. You might like this song. “Did not!” I practically shouted, startling Tara. “Did not what?” she asked. “Umm…nothing.” MyContinue reading “A Glitch in the System”

Spin The Black Circle

See this needle…a see my hand… Drop, drop, dropping it down…oh, so gently… Well here it comes…I touch the plane… Turn me up…won’t turn you away… Spin, spin…spin the black circle Spin, spin…spin the black, spin the black… Spin, spin…spin the black circle Inspired by the following comment left on yesterday’s entry: “Do you stillContinue reading “Spin The Black Circle”

el Cubo de Cuba

Portland is known for their thriving food cart scene. Every so often we like to take a trip downtown for lunch…it’s always a tough choice! Do we go with a tried-and-true favorite, or take a chance on something new? I decided to try this Cuban cart and ordered the “Pork box lunch.” This included pulledContinue reading “el Cubo de Cuba”