Can’t Netflix and chill without obscure Woody Allen DVDs.

778. That's the number of Netflix DVDs I have rented since I signed up on October 6, 2006. (My first one was Hoot. I gave it two stars. Clearly not a fan, but that one was obviously for the kids. I also rented Best in Show that day and loved it to the tune of … Continue reading Can’t Netflix and chill without obscure Woody Allen DVDs.

Shirley, She Can’t Be Serious

We have a built-in shelving unit in the basement that Doris must have installed ages ago. Not sure what she used it for, but we keep our DVD collection there. Yes, we still have a DVD collection. Yesterday, Tara and I were browsing the St. Joes Antique Mall. It's 21,000 square feet of vintage-y goodness … Continue reading Shirley, She Can’t Be Serious

What Happens in Cedar Rapids Should Really Stay in Cedar Rapids

Earlier this week, I interviewed a business owner for an upcoming feature. I’d lamented to Tara that morning that I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the story because it didn’t sound all that exciting. The guy owns a computer sales and repair shop in a small South Dakota town. Yawn, right? Topping it off, this … Continue reading What Happens in Cedar Rapids Should Really Stay in Cedar Rapids

I’ve Got a Sinking Feeling

When I was a kid, I was scared to death of quicksand. I don't know whether to blame Gilligan's Island or The Incredible Hulk or one of the countless television shows and movies that portrayed people getting stuck in quicksand. All I know is, while a lot of people avoided swimming after watching Jaws, I … Continue reading I’ve Got a Sinking Feeling

This Old Sardine Can

I hope you're enjoying your three-day weekend! Unless you're reading this in a country that doesn't celebrate Memorial Day. In which case...happy just-Monday. It's been a busy few days. Knowing we were tackling a major project, I wanted to ease into the weekend, so I settled in Friday night with a movie: Das Boot. Contrary … Continue reading This Old Sardine Can

34 Miles to Nostalgia

Saturday, we helped Audrey cross an item off her bucket list by taking her to see a movie at the drive-in. First off, I'm surprised that any of these places still exist. I had not been to a drive-in movie since the early 90s. Sadly, they're a disappearing relic from a bygone era, much like rotary … Continue reading 34 Miles to Nostalgia

Keyboard, Scorpion, Brad Pitt

Even though I didn't go looking for another addiction in my life, I've officially found one. It's a smart phone app called Draw Something, and holy cow am I hooked! It all started when I saw friends on Facebook talking about the app and looking for people to play with. It sounded kinda lame, to … Continue reading Keyboard, Scorpion, Brad Pitt

Girls On Film: My 5 Guilty Pleasures

Via the magic of electronic mail (a/k/a "e-mail"), I was asked by a blogging buddy - why hello there, Jess Witkins - if I'd be interested in writing a themed post about women in film whom I consider guilty pleasures, to coincide with her Friday Top 5 Cinematic Men who are guilty pleasures post. She was … Continue reading Girls On Film: My 5 Guilty Pleasures

This is literally my best blog post ever.

A friend of mine compared me to Rob Lowe the other day. I was initially thrilled - after all, he's still considered eye candy by the ladies, right? Only she wasn't referring to the man himself or his looks but, rather, to his character on Parks And Recreation, Chris Traeger. First off, I have to … Continue reading This is literally my best blog post ever.