Flamingos, fireflies, and mosquitoes, oh my!

"I feel like a dog that's been chasing after a car and finally caught it. Now what?!" Tara Petruska Man, I get that sentiment. I've been so hyper-focused on finding a job — the kindling to get this fire started — that after the initial wave of jubilation faded, reality set in. Namely, we don't … Continue reading Flamingos, fireflies, and mosquitoes, oh my!

What’s the Latest Buzz?

Mosquitoes, that's what. They have been relentless this summer, no doubt because of all the rain we have had. And they seem to be impervious to mosquito repellant. I sprayed myself with Off® one morning before my walk and still managed to come back with half a dozen new bites on my arms. Little bastards. … Continue reading What’s the Latest Buzz?

Literally Greener

Saturday afternoon, I was jolted from a peaceful reverie by the blaring wail of a warning siren. I raced to the window, looking for the source of the ear-splitting racket, convinced I'd see either an approaching tornado or an incoming ICBM, but the sky was thankfully clear. A few moments later the sirens quit and, … Continue reading Literally Greener

Would You Like Flies With That?

In 1980, I was in the sixth grade at Hickam Elementary School in Honolulu. Hawaii, being a tropical island, is home to a lot of insects. This explains the giant electric bug zapper that hung suspended from the ceiling of the cafeteria, I suppose. But not really. I mean, how disgusting is that? I recall … Continue reading Would You Like Flies With That?