Too many balls, not enough hands.

I was in my supervisor's office yesterday, spouting off circus analogies. As one does. "I'm juggling an awful lot these days!" I said. "I've got too many balls and not enough hands." Only later did I realize a comment like that could have earned me a visit with HR. Work is super busy right now. … Continue reading Too many balls, not enough hands.

Getting OUR Griswold On: Day 1 – Sioux Falls

“I was surprised, as always, by how easy the act of leaving was, and how good it felt. The world was suddenly rich with possibility.”Jack Kerouac, On the Road Echoes of the Past Tara and I hit the road this afternoon, officially kicking off a new adventure — one that has echoes of the past … Continue reading Getting OUR Griswold On: Day 1 – Sioux Falls

Beware of Offhand Comments

Tara is headed out of town for eight days today. That’s a long stretch—pretty sure the most time we’ll have spent apart since we got together—but it’s for a good cause. She’s going to Nevada to pick up our boat. "Our boat," you say? Why, yes. I haven't mentioned it before because it seemed like … Continue reading Beware of Offhand Comments

Capitol-izing on Our Weekends

We recently discovered that Hulu is streaming "The Wonder Years," so now we've got a new old show to add to our retro collection, a list that includes "Perfect Strangers," "Blossom," and "The Brady Bunch." I was a big fan of TWY back in the day and even met Josh Saviano, the actor who played … Continue reading Capitol-izing on Our Weekends

All Because a River Flooded…

I was listening to NPR the other day, and they mentioned it was the third anniversary of the disastrous Missouri River flood of 2011. I remember that event well, because not only was I there...but it changed my life. I was tooling along Interstate 29 on a sunny and hot morning in July, en route from Cameron, Missouri to … Continue reading All Because a River Flooded…

Getting My Griswold On – Day 11: Sidney, NE

Miles traveled today: 607.9 Total miles traveled: 4335.1 Missed the Bullet Hole. Damn. I have to give props to the Super 8 in Cameron, MO: nicest motel on this trip so far. The king-sized bed was plush, the air-conditioning icy cold and refreshing, the wireless internet worked without a hiccup, and the coffee was superb. … Continue reading Getting My Griswold On – Day 11: Sidney, NE