It Doesn’t Get Any Groovier Than This

It’s a well-documented fact that I like items of a┬áretro┬ánature. Lava lamps. Dogs-playing-poker tapestries. Avocado green appliances. The Bee Gees. So, when my birthday rolled around on Friday and Tara presented me with this, I was absolutely thrilled. She had been teasing me with hints all week. “It’s something you’ve always wanted,” she said. SheContinue reading “It Doesn’t Get Any Groovier Than This”

But Have You Poached Geoduck?

A few months ago, I tried geoduck for the first time. Prior to that, I christened “but have you tried geoduck?” as my personal catchphrase. You might say I’ve got a weird relationship with this funny-looking bivalve. Apparently, I am not alone. A recent article – read it here – talks about how illegal harvestingContinue reading “But Have You Poached Geoduck?”