A Tree Stump By a Lake

There’s an unassuming tree stump in a park I like to visit on my lunch hour. It’s situated by a picturesque lake, surrounded by┬áred cedars and Douglas firs. There is nothing special about this tree stump…except for the fact that it once served as the backdrop to a family Christmas card photo, many years ago.Continue reading “A Tree Stump By a Lake”

This Time it was Really Right

By all accounts, I should be a very cynical man. But instead of shying away from the prospect of a second marriage, I embrace it with a confidence normally reserved for poets, philosophers, and greeting card manufacturers. Why is this so? Last night, my brother and his girlfriend/life partner flew into town for our wedding.Continue reading “This Time it was Really Right”

Right Down The Line

During my trip to Ely in December 2011, Tara and I were shopping at Ridley’s supermarket one evening, and a song started playing over the loudspeakers. It was an old 70s pop classic – Gerry Rafferty‘s “Right Down The Line.” One of my favorite mellow pop hits from that decade. I turned to Tara andContinue reading “Right Down The Line”

I Hit The Jackpot

Last week, Tara committed one of those 21st-century gaffes that had us both reeling with laughter for the rest of the day. I was having issues with my phone, so as a test I sent her a text and asked her to respond. She did, but it never came through. Several minutes later her momContinue reading “I Hit The Jackpot”