Nevada Adventures Part 1: Tonopah-Goldfield-Las Vegas

Greetings from the Silver State! I’m writing this from my father-in-law’s house in Ely. The weather may be sunny and boring this week, but it’s pretty cold, and there’s quite a bit of snow on the ground. It definitely feels like a bit of a winter wonderland out here in eastern Nevada – exactly whatContinue reading “Nevada Adventures Part 1: Tonopah-Goldfield-Las Vegas”

Out Of This World

My coffee tastes weird this morning. Not because there’s anything wrong with the brew or the filter or the water. It’s just that, it didn’t come from Tara’s coffeemaker. Little things like that are hard to get used to when you’ve just returned from an amazing trip with the person you love. Don’t even getContinue reading “Out Of This World”

Airports, Christmas and Breakfast in Bed

Today’s thankfuls: smart phones and WordPress 2.0 for the Android. It may take forever to write a post from my phone, but I’m a man on a mission today! Sunday afternoon I arrived at PDX a little bit after 1:00. Going through security felt surreal; actually boarding the airplane was even stranger. I’m used toContinue reading “Airports, Christmas and Breakfast in Bed”