Screw the Joneses; I’m letting my dandelions grow!

For years, I've had a love/hate relationship with dandelions. Admittedly, it was light on love. OK, fine. A hate/hate relationship. Whatevs. I don't want to be dramatic and say dandelions were the bane of my existence, but then again, subtlety has never been my strong suit. Let's just say I devoted a lot of time … Continue reading Screw the Joneses; I’m letting my dandelions grow!

How Shellfish of Us

Let me preface this by stating, I do not like oysters.  Clams? Yes. And shrimp and crab and scallops and lobster and geoduck and most other types of seafood. But oysters are nasty, slimy, disgusting little gobs of flesh. That was my impression as Tara and I parked ourselves at a table at a trendy little … Continue reading How Shellfish of Us

The Velveeta Verdict

There are several things in life I swore I'd never do. Shop at Walmart. Listen to country music. Go bungee jumping. Read a single page of any of the Twilight books. Buy Velveeta. So it is with great consternation that I must confess to committing a cardinal sin this weekend, and breaking one of my own hard-and-fast … Continue reading The Velveeta Verdict

Music To My Ears

I've been listening to music all day. Actually, I've been listening to music nearly nonstop for the past week. My iPod is getting a serious workout. This all started the Sunday before my trip to Ely, when I broke down and bought a new car stereo from Best Buy. I'd wanted one for ages - … Continue reading Music To My Ears