Performance Anxiety

I had a bad experience with a performance review once and have been scarred ever since. The year was 2006. My passion may have been writing, but as far as making a career of it went, that was still a distant pipe dream. I had the chops but lacked experience. Instead, I languished in a … Continue reading Performance Anxiety

Perspective on the Half Shell

Ten years ago today, my life was in shambles. I was jobless, my on-again/off-again relationship was off again, and I was hopelessly upside down in my mortgage. I was reminded of this thanks to a Facebook memory that popped up from March 2, 2011. It read: Well, crap. My Groupon dream just went up in … Continue reading Perspective on the Half Shell

Clarifying My Words

Saturday, I had my parents over for dinner. In an ode to my Hawaiian roots, I cooked up an island-inspired feast of kalua pork and chicken long rice. I even whipped up Mai Tai's to wash everything down with, and fired up my "Aloha Mix" on the iPod. I'm nothing if not detail oriented (although, … Continue reading Clarifying My Words

I Could Be Plucking Chickens

I'm midway through my 3rd week of unemployment and the reality is beginning to set in. Meaning I'm starting to actually feel jobless, as opposed to being on vacation or having a (really) long weekend. For one thing, the State of Washington keeps reminding me of this fact. Every time I check the mailbox there's … Continue reading I Could Be Plucking Chickens