This Gray Goose doesn’t come in a bottle.

Fall arrived right on time yesterday with cool temperatures and brisk winds. It was downright chilly most of the day — a welcome change after a hot summer (and new-to-us humidity courtesy of Wisconsin). There are plenty of signs that the new season is upon us already. I'm so excited to experience fall foliage in … Continue reading This Gray Goose doesn’t come in a bottle.

Everything’s coming up triple 7s.

Lemme tell you a little about this new job of mine... The biggest draw for me was the flexibility. I don't just mean the fact that it's a hybrid position (though that's great, too); TobacCo is real big on work/life balance, so they operate on core hours — certain times where everybody needs to be … Continue reading Everything’s coming up triple 7s.

Fort-unately, time machines don’t exist.

Soooo. What's new? (Seriously. I haven't had a spare moment to read blogs in about 10 days. I'll catch up soon, I promise.) When I last wrote, it was the morning after we arrived in Wisconsin. Everything felt very strange and overwhelming. I did not mention how I'd tossed and turned for hours on Wednesday … Continue reading Fort-unately, time machines don’t exist.