Jellyfish Clouds Mean Snow

I was video chatting with my supervisor a few days ago, trying to troubleshoot a blog scheduling error. I'd uploaded a blog to the TobacCo website and scheduled it to post next month, but it went live immediately. Even though, on the website, the post date showed January 11, 2023. Our blog module at work … Continue reading Jellyfish Clouds Mean Snow

Blogging Buddies, Boilers, & Brothers

Say what you will about Janesville — and I've said plenty, mostly unflattering ("Chainsville," anyone?) — this city of 65,000ish half an hour from Fort Atkinson does boast one pretty big draw: cheap gas. We're not talking two or three cents cheaper, either. Gas prices in Janesville are always dramatically lower than anywhere else in … Continue reading Blogging Buddies, Boilers, & Brothers

Boo-tiful Days & Bewitching Nights

Halloween is a BIG deal in our new town. Fort Atkinson has a citywide decorating contest and a lot of people go all out. Walking through the neighborhoods is wild. I'm impressed by how many people get into the spirit. There are lots of inflatables, which I've always found kinda lame. Great if you have … Continue reading Boo-tiful Days & Bewitching Nights

This Gray Goose doesn’t come in a bottle.

Fall arrived right on time yesterday with cool temperatures and brisk winds. It was downright chilly most of the day — a welcome change after a hot summer (and new-to-us humidity courtesy of Wisconsin). There are plenty of signs that the new season is upon us already. I'm so excited to experience fall foliage in … Continue reading This Gray Goose doesn’t come in a bottle.

Everything’s coming up triple 7s.

Lemme tell you a little about this new job of mine... The biggest draw for me was the flexibility. I don't just mean the fact that it's a hybrid position (though that's great, too); TobacCo is real big on work/life balance, so they operate on core hours — certain times where everybody needs to be … Continue reading Everything’s coming up triple 7s.

Fort-unately, time machines don’t exist.

Soooo. What's new? (Seriously. I haven't had a spare moment to read blogs in about 10 days. I'll catch up soon, I promise.) When I last wrote, it was the morning after we arrived in Wisconsin. Everything felt very strange and overwhelming. I did not mention how I'd tossed and turned for hours on Wednesday … Continue reading Fort-unately, time machines don’t exist.