David Byrne as a Metaphor for Life

There are few moments in life more surreal than signing a “Residential Offer to Purchase” on a home, but that’s exactly what Tara and I did on Thursday night. You know the Talking Heads song "Once in a Lifetime"? The one where David Byrne spouts lyrics like, And you may ask yourself, “Well, how did … Continue reading David Byrne as a Metaphor for Life

365 in the 605

We have officially been South Dakota residents for one year now. Exactly 365 days ago, we rolled across the state line, two days after leaving the Pacific Northwest behind. I will never forget the feeling of elation when we finally arrived. I can't ever forget it, because we have photographic evidence. This photo, by the … Continue reading 365 in the 605

Mr. Incredible Crashed the Party

Advance warning: I hope you like reading about home projects, 'cause we've been eating, sleeping, and breathing house stuff these past couple of weeks. Most of our evening and weekends have been spent at the new house. As I've mentioned, as sweet a lady as Doris was, her taste in decor reflected her age. Our … Continue reading Mr. Incredible Crashed the Party

“Cue the Deer!”

Have you ever seen the movie "Funny Farm" starring Chevy Chase? It's a 1988 comedy about a NYC sportswriter who moves to a small town in Vermont to pursue his dream of writing a novel. Andy Farmer and his wife, Elizabeth, have a difficult time fitting in with the oddball locals, and eventually decide to … Continue reading “Cue the Deer!”

Beneath Mozzarella Sheets

It occurred to me the other day that Tara and I do not share the same tastes in decorating. "I've got a great idea for the bedroom!" she said. "Ooh," I replied. "Do go on." "For decorating the bedroom, husband of mine." She pulled up her Pinterest account and started thumbing through pages of ideas she … Continue reading Beneath Mozzarella Sheets

Turning Into My Girlfriend

Slowly but surely, I am turning into my girlfriend. I suppose this is natural in any relationship. Spend enough time around your significant other, and you start to absorb some of their traits. It's not like I'm suddenly wearing heels and carrying a purse - at least not in public - but there are little … Continue reading Turning Into My Girlfriend

Crystal Skulls And Giant Dogs

It's odd seeing Facebook status updates from my friends reading TGIF! or some similar variation of the theme.  When you're unemployed, Friday is just another day.  It's really no more special or different than Monday, which is kind of sad.  I loved loving Fridays!  Fridays were like a beacon in the dark, a light at the … Continue reading Crystal Skulls And Giant Dogs