Boozin’ Hump Day Away

Today was pretty great, as far as Wednesdays go. I know everybody's all "rah-rah, Hump Day, woot!"...but what does that really mean? The midpoint of the workweek isn't all that different from Monday or Tuesday. It doesn't really start to feel like the weekend is close until Thursday. But when Wednesday is a holiday, well, … Continue reading Boozin’ Hump Day Away

NNWM/27: A Lot Like Christmas

I woke up this morning dismayed that the long holiday weekend was already coming to an end. It's amazing how quickly the days fly by, huh? But I'm not ready to go back to work just yet, so I texted my boss and asked if I could take a last-minute PTO day on Monday. He gave … Continue reading NNWM/27: A Lot Like Christmas

It’s Hard Not To Feel Lucky

You are so lucky.  This thought crossed my mind yesterday morning. Ironically, it was six years to the day that my divorce became final. It's been a long time since I felt truly lucky. I've been happy for a while now. Ever since Tara came into my life. But lucky? Not so much. It's hard … Continue reading It’s Hard Not To Feel Lucky