The Best Surprises Involve Sand Between the Toes

Saturday morning I woke up and Tara was standing by the side of the bed, yanking the covers off me. “Get up,” she said. “We’re going to the beach.” “No, we’re not,” I mumbled sleepily, confused by my wife’s declaration. She was going into the office to get some work done. We had no plans.Continue reading “The Best Surprises Involve Sand Between the Toes”

Philosophy In The Tides

Five years ago, I went to the beach. It was a depressing, confusing and scary time in my life. My marriage was unraveling and I felt helpless to stop it. The kids and their mother were in California, and faced with a rare weekend to myself, I decided to take a trip to the coast.Continue reading “Philosophy In The Tides”

10 Ingredients for a Perfect Summer Day

At 8:30 yesterday evening, I got up from my spot on the sand, and made my way to the surf line. I was standing on the edge of the continent, camera at the ready, crashing waves from the Pacific Ocean lapping at my feet, as the westering sun dipped toward the horizon. I was thereContinue reading “10 Ingredients for a Perfect Summer Day”

Beachy Keen

Every so often, I develop a craving for salt air and sand. Fortunately, the Oregon coast is exactly 100 miles from my front door. Well, give or take a few inches. All I’ve got to do to quench my thirst is hop in the car, point it west, and start driving. Less than two hoursContinue reading “Beachy Keen”