Guac-blocked by the Supreme Dictator.

Thank god it’s May 5. Not because I love Cinco de Mayo or anything (though I appreciate a taco or margarita as much as the next fella). I’m just glad I don’t have to deal with all that “May the Fourth be With You” Star Wars-themed nonsense anymore. Apparently, May 4 has been associated with … Continue reading Guac-blocked by the Supreme Dictator.

Juanito Told Lupe

It's nice to have one food you are so good at making, you become "known" for it. People expect it whenever they come over for dinner. They ask for the recipe but, if it truly is "your thing," they can never duplicate it. For me, that is guacamole. (Side note: I was walking through the … Continue reading Juanito Told Lupe