Does the 5-second rule apply to city sidewalks?

Every Friday, I treat myself to coffee and a breakfast item. It's my reward for reaching the end of another work week with my sanity intact. Some weeks it's more intact than others, but that's beside the point. Last week, I stopped at Starbucks for a Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew and a Spinach, Feta … Continue reading Does the 5-second rule apply to city sidewalks?

Dandelions: 1, Mark: 0

Bye-Bye, Arrows I went grocery shopping yesterday without a mask for the first time in over a year. It was both liberating and weird. Funny how something so unnatural becomes the new norm. About half the shoppers were still masked up. I trust the CDC and have been following their guidelines all along, so I … Continue reading Dandelions: 1, Mark: 0

Paper or Spastic?

Ever have one of those days when you feel you should have just stayed in bed? I did today, thanks to an Epic Grocery Fail this morning. Normally, I shop at Fred Meyer. Love the place - it's local (or was, until Kroger bought them out a few years ago), and is the ultimate one-stop … Continue reading Paper or Spastic?