Snipe Hunting in Wisconsin (Followed by Jell-O)

A few days ago, the TobacCo office manager stopped by my desk to announce that there would be a company ‘bags tournament’ on Thursday and asked if I was interested in participating. I had no idea what a bags tournament was and nearly responded with something witty, ala “paper or plastic?”, but she recognized the … Continue reading Snipe Hunting in Wisconsin (Followed by Jell-O)

Everything’s coming up triple 7s.

Lemme tell you a little about this new job of mine... The biggest draw for me was the flexibility. I don't just mean the fact that it's a hybrid position (though that's great, too); TobacCo is real big on work/life balance, so they operate on core hours — certain times where everybody needs to be … Continue reading Everything’s coming up triple 7s.

ET Phone Home…and Bet on the Packers in ’67

I came across a news story the other day that talked about how these 47-year old television signals we had beamed into space are suddenly and mysteriously bouncing back to earth now. A group of astronomers in Puerto Rico made the discovery while searching for signs of intelligent life. Pretty cool, huh? The whole thing … Continue reading ET Phone Home…and Bet on the Packers in ’67

II Many Roman Numerals IV Me

Green and yellow, baby! Green and yellow. I feel weird typing those words. I am - and always have been - a Denver Broncos fan. They are my team, first and foremost, no matter how sorry their record has been lately. Isn't that the mark of a true fan, though? Sticking by your team through … Continue reading II Many Roman Numerals IV Me