NNWM/15: Cliff Clavin

Today was a very productive writing day. I dashed out over 2,000 words for the first time since Day 1. I have reached a crucial scene in my novel that is fun to write and the words are flowing. It’s a full-on writer’s high, and I hope it continues for the rest of the month. I amContinue reading “NNWM/15: Cliff Clavin”

Gotta Love Russian Flight Attendants

I realized the other day that I’ll have some serious explaining to do if my laptop is ever confiscated. Take my recent Google search for teenage boys in dresses. That one would probably raise a few eyebrows, though – of course – it’s completely innocent. I was searching for a suitable image of Rusty’s homecoming outfit. A fewContinue reading “Gotta Love Russian Flight Attendants”

Circus Monkey With Guitar

Occasionally I like to check out the stats for my blog. No big surprise; most of us do that from time to time. I especially enjoy looking at the search terms – the words and phrases people have typed in to Google (or their search engine of choice) that ended up directing them to myContinue reading “Circus Monkey With Guitar”