Shaped Like a Mitten? Consider Me Smitten!

I was clearing out old LinkedIn messages recently and came across one from a former coworker named Jason. He reached out to me last February because he was considering a cross-country move and knew I embodied that whole "rolling stone gathers no moss" mentality. During the course of our conversation, he asked, Do you have … Continue reading Shaped Like a Mitten? Consider Me Smitten!

Tentucky, Anyone?

I was reading an article the other day about states with the most appealing shapes. This piece declared Montana the winner. I'm a little suspicious though, because the article in question was printed in a Montana newspaper. Conflict of interest much? I have actually given a lot of thought to states' shapes over the years. … Continue reading Tentucky, Anyone?

A Francisco Clause

The Tape Face show on Friday night turned out to be lots of fun. Well, fun in retrospect, because throughout the performance I was paranoid I was going to be yanked onstage and humiliated, like the poor fella who had to face off with the comedian in a light saber duel involving a limp tape … Continue reading A Francisco Clause

Meanwhile, We’ve Got Pittsburgh

I have a serious case of Canada Envy. It's got nothing to do with maple leaves or socialized medicine or curling. I just happen to think they come up with some pretty awesome names for places. Take Moose Jaw, for instance. A city in south-central Saskatchewan. (Hell, take Saskatchewan, for that matter. It's a lot … Continue reading Meanwhile, We’ve Got Pittsburgh

Nevada’s a Trapezoid But We Aren’t Square

It's been an exciting few days. Aside from missing out on scoring an awesome piece of art - yes, I'm still fixated on the dogs playing poker tapestry! - plenty of groovy stuff has happened. The biggest piece of news is that my wonderful girlfriend is moving in with me. That's right. Tara and I … Continue reading Nevada’s a Trapezoid But We Aren’t Square