Breaking Up is Hard to Do

It's always a joy to find an unexpected flamingo from an anonymous sender in your mailbox! Actually, there were two — a veritable mini flock, if you will. This ornament and an ice cube tray. I can't wait to make cocktails with flamingo ice! Pretty sure I know who my not-so-secret Santa is in this … Continue reading Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Bachelor Chronicles: Day 3

Yesterday evening, after I'd thoroughly watered the garden and outdoor plants, I successfully predicted the future. Naturally, I’m sure it will start pouring any second now, I blogged. Naturally, it did. And was accompanied by such an incredible display of lightning, the kids across the street were cheering loudly with every flash. We get a … Continue reading Bachelor Chronicles: Day 3

Take Me to Your Leader

Close Encounters of the Weird Kind Recently, there was construction taking place outside the office. Guess what? Jackhammers and productivity do not mix. Good thing I have noise-cancelling headphones and Spotify Premium. At one point, the jackhammers were replaced by a deep, metallic, droning sound that lasted for about five seconds at a time. Really … Continue reading Take Me to Your Leader

Gift Horse(s)

My muscles are aching like crazy today. Wish I could say it's the result of some super manly act like chopping wood or changing the spark plugs on my car rebuilding the engine on my car, but no such luck. It's an ice-skating injury. To be fair, I had never before taken to the ice (whiskey … Continue reading Gift Horse(s)

Meat and Catch-Up

I haven't written a proper post in what seems like ages - photos of fall foliage and snow do not count - so this is an opportunity for a little catch-up! Forgive me if I jump around from topic to topic. I feel like I have a little bit to say about a lot of … Continue reading Meat and Catch-Up

Short Stories

It amazes me how much corporate dress codes have evolved over the years. Fresh out of college, my first "real" job required business attire. Slacks, dress shoes, long-sleeved collared shirts and ties. It's hard to believe I got dressed up like that every day for years. Even when I moved to Portland in late 1994 … Continue reading Short Stories

Vince Vaughn’s A Dork & I’m Impatient

Ever since I wrote that writers write and starting writing again, everything has been going write! Err...right. (Even I'm confused by that sentence). But it's true! My luck definitely seems to be changing. About a month ago, I got an e-mail from my former employer. It was simple and intriguing. Hey, Mark - we have … Continue reading Vince Vaughn’s A Dork & I’m Impatient