I skipped Florida for a brothel instead.

I’m the only member of the marketing department in the office until Thursday. Everybody else on my team is basking in sunny Fort Lauderdale. Actually, they’re not basking. They’re conferencing. Which makes me feel a little better about being stuck behind. And if I’m being totally honest, I’m not much of a Florida person anyway. … Continue reading I skipped Florida for a brothel instead.

Sunny, My Ass!

I always find it interesting how everything feels like such a novelty for a few days after you’ve returned home. Even the most ordinary and mundane—the stuff you take for granted 99% of the time. Sunday, I found myself gazing so intently at the remote control in my hand you’d think I’d just unearthed some … Continue reading Sunny, My Ass!

Tentucky, Anyone?

I was reading an article the other day about states with the most appealing shapes. This piece declared Montana the winner. I'm a little suspicious though, because the article in question was printed in a Montana newspaper. Conflict of interest much? I have actually given a lot of thought to states' shapes over the years. … Continue reading Tentucky, Anyone?

I’m Not a Robot

I think it’s weird whenever I come across one of those CAPTCHAs designed to thwart spam and I am asked to check a box stating that I’m not a robot. Because inevitably I click the box and a few seconds later, my comment has posted. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the process is so … Continue reading I’m Not a Robot

Swimming With Sharks

Before my kids left for Florida, I gave them three simple rules to adhere to. 1. Be good. 2. Listen to your grandparents. 3. Don't get eaten by a shark. So, imagine my dismay when I checked Facebook yesterday and found the following status update from my son: Rusty almost got attacked by a shark … Continue reading Swimming With Sharks

I Touched The Liberty Bell

As I write these words, the morning sun is playing hide-and-seek with dark clouds racing across the early April sky. The furnace just kicked on and the heater is running, pouring warm air into the townhouse and bringing an official end to our first, brief taste of spring. Hard to believe it was 65 yesterday … Continue reading I Touched The Liberty Bell