Too many balls, not enough hands.

I was in my supervisor's office yesterday, spouting off circus analogies. As one does. "I'm juggling an awful lot these days!" I said. "I've got too many balls and not enough hands." Only later did I realize a comment like that could have earned me a visit with HR. Work is super busy right now. … Continue reading Too many balls, not enough hands.

The One That Didn’t Get Away

I like to think of myself as an outdoors person. After all, I get out into the wilderness often. I love hiking, have done a fair share of geocaching, and don’t let a little thing like seventeen hours of nonstop rain ruin a camping trip. I have a backpack stocked with survival and first aid … Continue reading The One That Didn’t Get Away

No More Aloha Credibility

A couple of weeks ago, we had my parents over for dinner. The theme was Hawaiian, so I made kalua pork and chicken long rice, and as an added treat sliced up a fresh pineapple. Now, you'd think I'd know what I was doing, having been born in Honolulu and spending nine years of my … Continue reading No More Aloha Credibility

Just Like The Pioneers! Gulp…

Tomorrow we're going camping. Now, I've been camping before. But it's been years. And, according to my girlfriend, it didn't count as "real" camping anyway because it took place in a cabin or a camper. Once, even in a yurt. I don't know - it felt pretty real to me, what with the s'mores and … Continue reading Just Like The Pioneers! Gulp…

I Won $10 in a Beauty Contest! Go me!

A funny thing happened to me the other night... You know how you sometimes wake up in the middle of the night disoriented? I guess my brain was still fuzzy because I got out of bed for a drink of water and my foot brushed against something soft and furry. "Oh, that must be Sydney," … Continue reading I Won $10 in a Beauty Contest! Go me!