Smaller And Better Things

Last night, when the kids came back from their mother's house for the week, I was telling them about my new job. "I start tomorrow!" I declared excitedly. To which Audrey replied, "Does that mean you're unemployed right now?" Hmm. I hadn't thought about it that way, but realized that - technically, at least - … Continue reading Smaller And Better Things

Cashing in on Karma

I quit my job today. No, you are not reading that incorrectly. And it’s not a bad thing, either. In fact, it’s a very good thing. I’ll let the dust settle on that little announcement before continuing. But here’s what I am beginning to believe: I lead a charmed life. Either that, or I am … Continue reading Cashing in on Karma

Off To The Salt Mines

I am a couple of days into my new job, and the early verdict is positive. It's a great place to work! I'm not sure exactly when this became clear to me. It could have been the moment I spotted the framed Blitzen Trapper and Jack Johnson posters hung up on the wall. Or perhaps it … Continue reading Off To The Salt Mines

Flutter By, Butterfly

Earlier this week, I had a job interview. I didn't write about it before, because I am leery of jinxing myself. I wrote all about Groupon and that fell through, and then dished about my interview with my ex's company. I prefer to keep these things on the down low now, just on the off chance … Continue reading Flutter By, Butterfly

The Universe Has a #$%! Sense of Humor

Eventually, it was bound to happen: I found myself on a job interview yesterday. First one since I joined the ranks of the unemployed a little over three months ago. I initially had mixed feelings over the whole thing. The opportunity sounded fantastic - a copywriting position with a local company close to home. There … Continue reading The Universe Has a #$%! Sense of Humor

In Orbit Around Planet Freelance

Sooner or later, it was bound to happen. You can only put out feelers for so long without...well, without getting felt. Yesterday dawned like any other, as routine as I've become accustomed to these past six weeks. I got up around 8:00 - my body's internal alarm clock usually goes off around this time, give … Continue reading In Orbit Around Planet Freelance

Take This Job And Love It

I had a long chat yesterday with a coworker who gave me lots of good advice on surviving unemployment.  Before he joined the company, he was out of work for twelve months.  Yikes!  I know a lot of people who have been in similar situations.  I was out of work myself for more than ten … Continue reading Take This Job And Love It