Juice pouch cocktails and magical lighted mushrooms.

Friday, mid-afternoon, a very large deposit in the high five figures hit our banking account. And just like that, our house was officially no longer our house. We happened to be on the 7th floor of the Graduate Hotel in Madison, at a really cool rooftop bar with an old-school summer camp vibe. The bartenders … Continue reading Juice pouch cocktails and magical lighted mushrooms.

Breaking Red

I made a Safeway run yesterday, something that has become a high-stress affair. There is so much to keep track of these days, and that's not even counting the items on your grocery list. Gotta make sure you have hand sanitizer. Mask. Hazmat suit. But for me, those one-way arrows directing the flow of traffic … Continue reading Breaking Red

Blast from the Past Part II

Last week I took a stroll down Memory Lane. Needing a mental break from two full days of work, on Wednesday I drove out to Ellsworth AFB, my home from 1983-86. Civilians aren't generally allowed on military installations, but the South Dakota Air & Space Museum just outside the main gate offers a $10 bus … Continue reading Blast from the Past Part II

Faded Past, Bright Future

One month from today, we'll be rolling into Rapid City, South Dakota. Barring anything strange and unexpected, like a flat tire in the middle of nowhere or an alien abduction, of course. How did we get to this point?! Don't worry, that's a rhetorical question. The sun comes up, the sun goes down, and another … Continue reading Faded Past, Bright Future

100 Days

Today is a momentous milestone. In exactly 100 days, we will be leaving the PNW behind and heading for South Dakota! Seeing that countdown timer drop to double digits tomorrow is going to be surreal. We have slowly been preparing for the move, but that's going to pick up steam very soon. Tara is talking … Continue reading 100 Days