“I Don’t Even Know You!”

Time flies, huh?! Autumn is nearly upon us, and all I can say is, it’s about damn time. This hot, dry, smoky summer has been one for the ages, and I don’t mean that in a good way. Rarely have I looked forward to the change in seasons more. Our poor Columbia River Gorge hasContinue reading ““I Don’t Even Know You!””

Who Needs Walls?

Last week, my company announced a holiday decorating contest. The next day when I showed up to work, one of the RM’s offices was decorated quite festively. This fueled my competitive spirit and gave me the itch to get in on the action. But with an open office layout and a desk that is inContinue reading “Who Needs Walls?”

Get Crazy With the Cheez Whiz

This crazy, busy summer continues to speed right along. It’s hard to believe we will be in Nevada¬†this week.¬†We’re driving to Ely to visit family and friends. And bringing along Audrey, who is in for a serious case of culture shock because she has never experienced small town life before. We’re leaving Wednesday after work,Continue reading “Get Crazy With the Cheez Whiz”