Dance with the Devil & You’re Gonna Get Burned

Here’s a friendly little PSA: if you’re ever offered a pretzel with the name Lucifer’s Straight Jacket, avoid it at all costs. Unless you’d rather spend the next 20 minutes with your mouth on fire and tears streaming down your face. If that’s the case, knock yourself out, bro. This is a classic case of … Continue reading Dance with the Devil & You’re Gonna Get Burned

Impractical Joker

I have always loved April Fools’ Day. I’m a practical joker by heart, so it’s a “holiday” that’s perfectly up my alley. Over the years, I’ve pulled some killer pranks. Like the time I created a fake note from Rusty’s first-grade teacher announcing that he’d been expelled from class. His mom was LIVID and started … Continue reading Impractical Joker

Untangled and Frozen

This popped up on my Facebook memories feed yesterday, and I had to share with an update. I have never worked for a company that celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so when I learned that PSI follows all Federal holidays, to say I was thrilled is an understatement. I'm used to a long, nearly … Continue reading Untangled and Frozen

Connecting the Dot’s

The moment we arrived in South Dakota last summer, we were inundated with pretzels.  They popped up everywhere we went, ubiquitous bags with a bold red logo. We had never heard of Dot's Homestyle Pretzels before, but it quickly became apparent they were a "Pride of Dakota." I am not exaggerating: they were everywhere. Gas … Continue reading Connecting the Dot’s