Things That Go Thump in the Night

Yesterday was the second anniversary of Doris’s death. You might recall, she was the previous owner of the home we bought in 2019. We learned later that she died in the middle of the kitchen. While that’s a little unsettling, I can’t say we ever feel her presence. There have been a couple of unusual … Continue reading Things That Go Thump in the Night

Surviving Death by Misadventure

Apparently, my last post alarmed some of you. Specifically the part about cracking open the garage door a few inches while running my car when it's cold out. Rightfully so, it turns out. I'd been under the false notion that this was enough to disperse any dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide. Even Tara, who used … Continue reading Surviving Death by Misadventure

Dying to Tell You About This Dream I Had…

A friend whom I Slack with regularly was rather disturbed on Friday after dreaming that a coworker died. I know the feeling! I had a similar dream once. It's weird enough having dreams about people you work with even when they're alive and well. I see these people eight hours a day (well, I used … Continue reading Dying to Tell You About This Dream I Had…

Call Me Lazarus

My ongoing battle with telemarketers continues. I don't know why they love to bother me so much. It's as though I won some sort of lottery where the grand prize is daily harassment instead of a few million dollars. I have tried every trick in the book to shake them, but nothing has ever worked. A … Continue reading Call Me Lazarus

I’m Dying to Be Left Alone. Literally.

I may have finally learned how to beat telemarketers at their own game. Just tell 'em you're dead. One day last week, I got a call from a Nigerian prince telling me I'd just won the lottery, and would I like to buy some Viagra with my earnings while switching cell phone carriers? Or something along those … Continue reading I’m Dying to Be Left Alone. Literally.

I’m Just Here for the Coffee

I had a dream last night that a coworker died. It's weird enough dreaming about people you work with, even when they're alive and well. I see these folks 8 hours a day. As much as I enjoy their company, I don't necessarily want them to follow me home and crawl into bed with me. to … Continue reading I’m Just Here for the Coffee

Did I Kill Glenn Frey?

A couple of weeks ago, I came across an article that stated David Bowie had announced he would no longer be touring. And then his new album came out. Tara is a Bowie fan, so I was telling her these things, lamenting the fact that we'd never get to see him play live. Three days later, David Bowie was … Continue reading Did I Kill Glenn Frey?


I will admit to some fairly dark moments and "woe-is-me" feelings after being discharged from the hospital earlier this month. Especially as I started to read up on diabetes more. The stats were eye-opening and more than a little disheartening. Basically, my odds for developing everything have gone up, while - statistically speaking - my life … Continue reading Perspective

Would You Like a Coffin With That?

I came across a story the other day about a man who died in a Burger King restaurant in the U.K. Seems the gent had stopped in at lunchtime, and had a Whopper of a heart attack. He collapsed while standing in line, and staff tried to revive him but were unsuccessful. Fortunately, nobody asked … Continue reading Would You Like a Coffin With That?

Gathering, Remembering

Saturday felt like a day straight out of a Hollywood film. The plot: a cantankerous but big-hearted character beloved by many passes away unexpectedly, and friends and family from near and far gather in the front yard of his small-town home to honor his memory and swap stories over beers and a barbecue. They laugh, … Continue reading Gathering, Remembering