Getting OUR Griswold On: Day 4 – Dayton, OH

I love the hotel Tara picked out for us. It's really nice! My only complaint is the slow internet. But the hardwood floors, tall ceilings, and upscale amenities more than make up for that. Yellow Springs is a hippie mecca in the heart of conservative Ohio. The internet describes it as a charming small town in rural Ohio. … Continue reading Getting OUR Griswold On: Day 4 – Dayton, OH

Ay, Oh, Way to Go

It was 70º yesterday. Sure felt a lot like spring, but I'd be a fool to believe we've turned the corner on a new season. One glance at the forecast reveals the truth. That's how we transition to spring around here. In fits and starts. You get a little taste of it and then the … Continue reading Ay, Oh, Way to Go

Dig The Pop-Up Camper!

If you're a fan of Instagram or have a Facebook account, you're probably familiar with Throwback Thursday. Or "Hashtag TBT" as the social media savvy like to refer to it. #TBT is a fun little activity in which you share a photo from your past. There are no strict guidelines or rules to what you … Continue reading Dig The Pop-Up Camper!