Butting Heads with the Domain Dictator

This morning, I rose and shone as usual at 5 a.m. Bundled up and set out on my daily predawn walk. But unlike the past month, the dark quickly gave way to light on the horizon. Thirty minutes in, I was treated to the following sight. Our very own Autumn Ashbough commented on my corresponding … Continue reading Butting Heads with the Domain Dictator

Sunshine & Blizzards

It sounds like there's a serious movement afoot to end Daylight Saving Time once and for all. Actually, the proposed legislation - known as the Sunshine Protection Act - would keep DST and do away with Standard time. Which makes sense, because our clocks are set to daylight time almost eight months out of the … Continue reading Sunshine & Blizzards

In Which I Envy Arizona

Being the naturally rebellious type, I had no desire to "spring forward" today. Why should I? I thought. Simply because they are telling me to? And who are "they," anyway? I got myself so worked up over the matter that I seriously debated boycotting it. Set my clocks forward an hour? You can't make me! … Continue reading In Which I Envy Arizona