Burn, Beetle, Burn…Again!

When last we I spoke, I mentioned a wind storm that was bearing down on us. Turned out to be every bit as wild as predicted. The winds arrived Wednesday evening and blew nonstop for almost 48 hours. Sustained winds between 50-60 mph with gusts to 81 mph in Rapid City. That's equivalent to a … Continue reading Burn, Beetle, Burn…Again!

When Stalking Pays Off

Friday was my one-year anniversary with Ye Olde Media Company. Weird to mark the occasion without being in the office, and weirder still that I wasn't even in my home office. Instead, I was galavanting around the Black Hills "on assignment," researching and photographing locations for my Mystery Monday pet project as I did a … Continue reading When Stalking Pays Off

Burn, Beetle, Burn!

What an interesting getaway we had this weekend. Tara and I decided to check out the annual Burning Beetle festival in Custer. Back in the 1980s and 90s, there was a mountain pine beetle infestation in the Black Hills that wiped out a lot of ponderosa pines. These epidemics occur about every 20 years and … Continue reading Burn, Beetle, Burn!

Blast from the Past

First things first: I need a good oatmeal recipe. I'm used to buying Trader Joe's frozen steel cut oatmeal. Looks like an oversized hockey puck, but it's surprisingly delicious and simple to make: two minutes in the microwave, stir, another minute and twenty seconds, and dig in. However, there is no Trader Joe's in South … Continue reading Blast from the Past